Neon Calling is a transformational experience guided by intention, sound vibrations, meditation, reiki, and enhanced by crystals and mists.




My journey to this inevitable calling began almost two decades ago, as a full time resident at the Cambridge Zen Center. Everything that has been cultivated in between that time and now has informed my practice: working as a hair stylist and educator at the upscale Bumble and Bumble salon in Manhattan to teaching yoga and meditation. I am certified in gong and sound healing, kundalini yoga, children’s yoga and a reiki master teacher.

Over the years, I've attended numerous retreats, including the 21 Stages of Meditation.  This past May I attended a ten day pilgrimage to Guatemala and began my studies into the sacred medicine of cacao; amongst other sacred Mayan ceremonies.  I am a wife and mama of three residing in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. You will often find me behind the gong, facilitating Reiki + Sound Journeys at a variety of local yoga studios.




Sage Academy of Sound Energy Retreat Intensive at Menla

21 Stages of Meditation Level 3 certification facilitated by Guru Dharam and Siri Sat of Kundalini Medicine and Mahan Rishi and Nirbhe Kaur of Khalsa Healing at Menla and Gurnam Singh

Reiki Teacher Training Certification with Joanna Crespo of Reiki Rhapsody at Open Center

Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance Teacher Training Certification facilitated by Gong Master Don Conreaux at Integral Yoga Institute New York City

Radiant Child Yoga Level 1 & 2 completed at Open Center

Reiki Master Certification facilitated by Joanna Crespo at Open Center

Level 1 Teacher Training Program in Kundalini Yoga certification led by Gurmukh and Gurushabd at Golden Bridge Yoga

Level 1 Yoga Therapy Training facilitated by Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training with Guru Dharam & Faculty of Kundalini Medicine

Dream Medicine Retreat facilitated by Guru Dharam at Menla

Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certified

Hair stylist and educator for Bumble and Bumble hair salon New York City

Hair stylist at JSD Studio on Newbury Street in Boston Massachusetts

Graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Holistic Health Counselor (trained in person)




“Beth Ricciardone aka Neon Calling’s Sound Sessions are simultaneously deep and transcendent.  Her intentional care and healing come from a sonorous soulful dimension and arrive in your body mind and heart as just the medicine you need.  Avail yourself of her artistry and precision on this Libran lunation of cosmic harmony”
Paramatma Siri Sadhana, Yogini, Healing Artist, Activist in New York City and Amritsar, India

“Upon my first experience with Neon Calling Crystal Mist, the best description I had was ‘liquid light!’ Now after using the mist daily both in personal practice and the sound healing experiences I offer, I can confirm that it is exactly that. A wonderful tool, made with care that aids expertly in clearing and re-energizing. I can’t use it enough.”
Davin Youngs, Singer, Teacher and Sound Guide in Chicago, IL

“Time with Beth is the most empowering reset I have ever experienced. I feel seen, heard, and deeply felt. The fact that she also cuts hair beautifully is a cosmic bonus. All haircuts are rejuvenating, sure, but how many help you understand yourself better? Only Beth's. She helps you look, and feel, like your best self.”
Kelly Bare, Author, Mom, Activist in Brooklyn

"Beth listens, then sees and hears things unspoken. There is a healing energy that Beth radiates through her gaze, touch and presence. It's an experience that heals and soothes both heart and soul."
Rachel, Owner of Reach by Design

"Gong time with Beth is a truly transcending experience. It takes me to a place where there is no time, and totally clears my head of distractions. As a creative it helps me to get back to design when I'm feeling uninspired."
Michael, Owner of Park Deli in Brooklyn

"My experience was amazing. During the session I felt deeply relaxed and safe.... Looking forward to working with Beth again.” 
—Dottie in Brooklyn